1969 Baldwin Motion Phase III GT Corvette

Baldwin Motion Chevrolet Corvette 450x330

The Baldwin Motion Corvette The Baldwin Motion Corvette is the result of a collaboration between Motion Performance and Baldwin Chevrolet on Long Island, they were only built between 1969 and 1971, before the US Justice Department shut them down. The Feds used the Clean Air Act of 1970 to launch their case, The U.S. Government…

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Ferrari 640 F1-89 Kid’s Car

Ferrari 640 F1 Childrens Car 450x330

This kid’s car is based on a Ferrari 640 F1-89 – the car remembered for being the first to use now-dominant semi-automtic gearbox technology in Formula 1. Teething problems with the new transmission had hampered the car’s development, but by the time it lined up on the grid in 1989 it had progressed to the…

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Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Boots

Full Race: 1981 Daytona 500

1981 Daytona 500 Richard Petty 450x330

The 1981 Daytona 500 was a unique race for a number of reasons, it also featured a remarkably tight finish, with just 3.5 seconds between 1st and 2nd place. If you haven’t seen the race, or you can’t remember who won, stop reading now and hit play above (I’m going to post spoilers below). The…

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Cobra Caravan Survivor: 1965 Shelby GT350 R

shelby mustang gt350 r car 23 450x330

Carroll Shelby In 1965, the Shelby American Company was far less famous than they are now. Carroll Shelby was a retired race car driver with a win a Le Mans under his belt, and a congenital heart condition that meant he often need to pop nitroglycerin tablets under his tongue while driving to manage his…

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Buy The Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Brand

Excelsior Henderson Logo 450x330

Full ownership of the Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle brand will be up for auction on the 27th of January, including all its intellectual property, the Excelsior-Henderson brandname, 10 federally registered trademarks, internet domains, previous motorcycle frame and engine designs, as well as 18 expired patents that can be used by the owner of Excelsior-Henderson. A Very Brief History of Excelsior-Henderson In the…

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Halley Helmet Rack

Halley Helmet Rack 450x330

The Halley Helmet Rack has been designed as a helmet holder you might actually want in your home, with a large spherical ball to distribute weight evenly and avoid pressure points on the helmet’s delicate EPS foam. Helmet racks are a great way to store and showcase helmets, and it’s a much better way to…

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AGV X3000 AGO 1 Full Face Helmet

AGV Ago 1 Full Face Helmet 450x330

The new AGV X3000 AGO 1 is a classically-styled full face helmet from the famed Italian company that’s likely to find a long list of prospective buyers. Retro lids like this are one of the fastest growing market segments in the motorcycle helmet world, and many of the major manufacturers either already have retro helmets out,…

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1990 US-Spec Ferrari F40

ferrari f40 car 13 450x330

As far as supercars go, the F40 is king. It’s not the only king of course, but it’s one of the major ones. It’s kind of like the King Henry the VIII of supercars in that it’ll take as many wives as it damn well pleases, and it’d have no crisis of conscious if it needed…

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Doctor Who Dalek

Doctor Who Dalek 450x330

Doctor Who is a seminal science fiction TV series from the UK, it first aired in 1963 (3 years before Star Trek began), and it’s continued in various iterations since. Over the decades there have been 12 Doctors in the lead role, playing variations of the same character: a humanoid alien from the planet Gallifrey,…

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1971 TVR Vixen 2500

TVR Vixen 2500 Car 3 450x330

TVR is a British low-volume car maker famous for two things – 1: It’s name is a contraction of “Trevor” because that’s the company founder’s name, and 2: Its cars are so raw and visceral they’re famous for showing up any shortcomings in a driver’s abilities. Often by flying sideways through a hedge.

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Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles T-Glove Tee

Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles T Glove Tee 450x330

Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles is a world renowned, Barcelona-based custom motorcycle garage best known for building highly functional vintage scramblers, with the occasional cafe racer thrown in for good measure. More recently they’ve started designing their own gear, including the indigo cotton t-shirt you see here. It’s made from 100% combed cotton, with a round neck,…

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